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White Leaf Oolong

This unusual cultivar is named Bai Ye Wang, or "King White" because of its incredibly light, yellow leaves.  Grown in the Phoenix Mountains, this true Dancong oolong brings many attributes to your cup.  The dry leaves steep to a mottled aprearance with amber, yellow and green colors intertwining in each leaf. The aroma is enticing with juicy hints of stewed apricots and olive oil.  The flavors progress with each sip exuding a honey, fruity sweetness, coating the mouth with a tingly silkiness. Robust and complex, this tea will steep well over 8 times, with each steep underlining different flavor notes. A limited amount is available for the year, and it won't last long! 

Process: Organic
Harvest: Spring, 2023
Origin: Guangdong, China

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