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Everyone loves tea, but figuring out exactly what kind someone wants can be a puzzle. 

Enter: Magical Online Gift Card! 

Whether you have a sick friend who needs a pick me up,  a boss who has it out for you, a partner who banished you to the dog house, completely forgot your mother's birthday, or don't know what to get someone for your first Valentine's Day together... 

The Magical Gift Card can cure all these problems and more*

 *these statements have not been approved by the FDA 

PLEASE NOTE:  Gift cards will be emailed automatically to the purchaser.  You will then be able to forward them to the recipient with a loving note.  Gift cards issued online can only be used on the website.  Unfortunately, they can not be redeemed in the store :(

If you'd like to receive an in-store gift card, please email or call. 

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