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Duck Sh*t Aroma Dan Cong Oolong

Don't worry, it's not what you think.  This tea is famous is the oolong world, but can sound a little off-putting if you don't know the history. The leaves are large and soft and go through a multi-step oxidation process to enhance the honey-like aroma.  Steamed, the leaves have an irresistibly full, creamy, toasty, floral-sweet aroma.  The first steep is buttery smooth and rich with notes of sweet cream and fruit.  Each steep opens new notes in the leaf and the tea gets progressively more floral and green as the toasty fire notes recede.  This tea will go for many steeps and is best enjoyed with an aroma cup to fully enjoy all the of aromatics it can offer. 

Dan Cong oolongs are plucked form Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong, China.  The term  "Dan Cong" translates to Single Bush, which historically meant that the tea was all plucked from the same tea tree.  More commonly it is used to describe teas from Phoenix Mountain which have been plucked from the same cultivar and are allowed to grow into large trees.  They are famous for adopting various aromas and this tea is no different.  

According to legend, the farmers who made this tea plucked the leaves from tea trees growing in soil that was a yellowish-brown color.  The tea was so exceptional, they called it Ya Shi Xiang (Duck Shit Aroma), hoping to prevent people from stealing their tea or taking cuttings from their trees.  Think of it like the old Greenland/Iceland switcharoo.  It didn't take long before word got out about how good the tea was, though, so here we are!

Process: Organic
Harvest: Spring, 2023
Origin: Guangdong, China

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