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Soft Branch Green

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This highly unusual tea is plucked from Ai Lao Mountain in Pu-er.  The family who tends to these plants operates a small organic farm and grow mostly Taiwanese cultivars.  This tea is exclusively from the Ruanzhi (or Soft Branch) bushes, which are native to Taiwan and grown for making oolongs.  
The leaves are hand picked in the spring from 30 year old plants growing in rich, mountain soil and processed as a Yunnan green tea.  The result is guaranteed to intrigue even the most well-versed tea lover, while remaining accessible to newcomers.
The leaves are sweet with a magnolia blossom aroma, full body and silky mouth feel, notes of buttered asparagus with a lingering toasty finish.  Good for many steeps, this tea is quickly growing in popularity. 

Process: organic
Harvest: 2022
Origin: Pu'er, Yunnan

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