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If you're a fan of Japanese green teas and haven't tried Tamaryokucha yet, you're missing out.  This tea has some of the most robust flavors out there.  Grown in Ureshino, it is produced in a way that is a cross between Gyokuro and Sencha.  The tea plants are shade grown similar to Tencha (for making Matcha) or Gyokuro.  This step increases the chlorophyll and decrease the bitterness.  Then the leaves are plucked, but much younger than even a Sencha.  The result is an incredible tea with vivid green liquor and an flavor that excites the senses.  The aroma is like seaweed and fresh cut grass and the flavor saturates your whole mouth with umami.  

To get the most out of this tea steep it lower than usual (around 140°-150°) for 1 minute.  When resteeping, pour after 10 seconds.  This tea is great for over 4 steeps and the leaves can be eaten afterwards with the addition of a little salt, dashi or soy sauce. 

Origin: Ureshino, Japan
Harvest: 2023

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