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This is the sister tea to the Tamaryokucha, grown in Ureshino.  Both these teas are shade grown and harvested in the spring, when the leaves are still young and approximately 1/2"-3.4" long.  The difference lies in the processing.  While the Tamaryokucha is steamed, typical of Japanese senchas, the Kamairicha is pan-fired in a large wok, similar to certain Chinese teas.  This method was adopted from mainland China in an area just north of Nagasaki, which is known for it's melting pot of international cultures.  

The result of processing this robust Japanese tea with traditional Chinese methods is a completely unique experience.  The aroma is both sweet and vegetal with notes of hazelnut and soft to.  The mouthfeel is smooth and full-bodied has just enough viscosity to linger long past the tea is gone.  Steeping to a soft yellow-green, the soup is both bright and grounding. The vegetal depth and umami characteristics balance perfectly with the warming toasty notes the pan-firing imparts.  

This tea is made by a third generation tea producer and only a limited quantity is available this year.  

Harvest: Spring 2023
Origin: Ureshino, Japan

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