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Forest Sage Kyusu

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This unusual style of kyusu was completely handmade in Aichi prefecture, home of the historic Tokoname kilns.  The muted olive green is accented by hand-drawn pin stripes, accentuating the tall sides of the pot.  The clay is naturally unglazed and develops its green color inside the kiln as layers of ash melt to the teapot, called shizen-yuyaku.  The pot is as pleasing to pour as it is to hold, filtering the tea through a handmade clay mesh screen.  The lid fits snugly and doesn't leak, and the pour is so smooth it looks like pouring silk.  The walls of the pot are relatively thin and slightly porous, so it is recommended to dedicate this pot to cooler temperature teas like senchas.  

Please be mindful of caring for this tea pot.  Rinse it well after use and never put it in the dishwasher.  

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