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The British discovered the wonderful tea-growing properties of the Darjeeling district in West Bengal in the nineteenth century. We have found an estate there that provides us with an organic and fair traded Darjeeling tea. The light body and floral accents of this tea create a wonderful delicacy and flexibility that is favored by tea drinkers worldwide. The musky aroma arises from the incomplete oxidation process and gives this softly flavored tea the elasticity to be appreciated from breakfast to dessert. During the day, Blue Willow Darjeeling provides a wonderful, light lift with a muscatel sweetness and clean finish. The full, fresh flavor and delicate floral hints create a truly pleasurable sipping experience on its own, with a sturdiness that can handle the addition of sugar and milk.

Origin: Sungma Estate, India
Process: Organic
Harvest: 2022

Packaging info:

  • All bulk orders will be packed in the heat-sealed resealable packages.
  • Bulk teas will be packed in the largest size bag (1lb., 2lb., or 5lb. bags) depending on your purchase quantity.  
  • Orders 10+ lbs. of a single tea will be packed in 5lb. bags
  • Orders 30+ lbs. will be packed in a chest. 
  • Call or email if you have specific packaging needs. 

Retail Canisters:

  • Retail canisters are all packed in 100% compostable packaging.  
  • Tea is sealed inside a bio-based cello bag to preserve freshness.
  • Each canister is date stamped to easily comply with FIFO measures.
  • SRP is double the wholesale cost.   

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