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Ancient Sun Black Tea Cakes

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This is a new tea for us, which we are so happy to share with you.  Harvested from Bitter Bamboo Mountain in Yunnan, these ancient leaves are sun-dried and pressed for Blue Willow into 100g cakes.  The aroma of the warm leaf has notes of dry wood and fruit leather.  The leaves steep velvety smooth and fills the whole mouth with flavors mimicking chocolate, kumquat, and cedarwood.  The roughly 300-year-old trees have deep roots, channeling minerals to the tips of the leaves which linger from the roof of the mouth to deep in the throat.  

These leaves are lightly rolled after withering, increasing the amount of time to oxidize, which makes the tea sweeter.  The process of sun-drying instead of baking allows more enzymes to live, altering the flavor of the tea and making it ideal for aging.  Over time, the enzymes will continue to create more sugars, making the tea sweeter and sweeter the longer it ages.  These leaves were harvested in 2022 and are already full of flavor, so we can't wait to see how the flavors progress.  

Process: organic
Harvest: 2022
Origin: Yunnan, China

*Label art hand-drawn by Ali, Boss Lady*

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