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Red Shi Piao Yixing pot

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These classic teapots are ideal for any puerh lover.  Holding roughly 110ml, their squat, wide shape is perfect for allowing compressed cakes to expand.  The thicker sides hold more heat, keeping the steeping conditions as hot as possible for puerh brewing.  The size is great for solo or paired tea sessions.  Because these pots are used to steep with boiling water, the covered vent hole makes a simple way to hold the lid without covering the slot or burning your finger.  These are best for brewing shou cha or aged sheng puerh.  

Each pot comes in it's own fitted box with a certificate of authenticity.  

Yixing pots are iconic and are known as being the first teapots in the world.  The clay is uniquely porous and will "drink" the tea that is made with it, allowing the consecutive steeps to absorb into the clay and enhance future steeps.  For this reason, it is recommended that each pot be dedicated to one type of tea to prevent the crossover of other flavors.  Over time, your pot will become more seasoned and make each pot of tea more aromatic and flavorful.  

To care for your pot, rinse with how water immediately after each use and allow it to dry completely before applying the lid.  Never use soap or abrasives.  

It is important to properly care for your pot to ensure it's longevity.  When you first bring it home, rinse it with hot water and then cold water.  This should wash away the clay smell.  It is then important to season the tea before steeping with it.  Gently lower the teapot into a clean pot of boiling water.  Keep the lid separate and do lot let it touch the bottom, as the bubbles might jiggle it too much.  Allow it to sit in the boiling water a few minutes, then remove and let it cool completely.  You will need to decide which type of tea you would like to dedicate your pot to.  Generally, taller pots are better for darker and fermented teas, and shorter pots are used for lighter and green teas.  The thicker the walls of the pot, the more heat it will hold.  To season, add tea to the pot and steep.  Pour the tea into a small bowl after about 30 seconds and steep the leaved again.  Repeat this process until the bowl is full.  You can then remove the leaves and soak the pot and lid separately in the brewed tea.  Let it soak until it has cooled.  Always let the pot and lid dry completely before putting the lid on.  Over time, your pot will develop more color and aroma, but it will not be unpleasant.  When properly cared for the clay will prevent any bacteria from forming.  

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