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2007 Dark River Puerh

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This small leaf shou puerh is made from a blend of ancient tree leaf material across four districts in Lincang County.  Fermented in 2007 and carefully aged in Kunming ever since, this tea straddles the balance between soft and bold.  The aroma has notes of earth and raw chocolate and steeps a liquor that is rich burgundy with no murkiness.  The initial steep is a soft introduction to the tea, with each steep reaching deeper notes.  The mouthfeel is smooth washes down your throat, leaving lingering flavors of clean earth and smooth river rocks.  The age of the leaves allows the tea to be steeped upwards of 10 times before losing flavor and has an uplifting effect on the psyche.  

If you remember when we had this tea years ago, you will be so happy to see it back.  We were able to get in touch with contacts in Lincang who have access to the same leaves we had previously, and it has only gotten better with age. 

Origin: Yunnan, China
Harvest: 2007

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