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Rougui Oolong

Grown in Wuyishan, this iconic high mountain oolong is a perfect addition to any tea lovers collection.  Yancha, or rock oolong, is unique in flavor for several reasons.  The tea buses grow between tall mountainous rocks that block out most of the sunlight, causing the leaves to grow very slowly.  This, in combination with the mineral rich soil allow the leaves to soak up more flavor through their roots and develop a depth in flavor that is sought after.  This farmer has been crafting Wuyi Yancha for over 60 years, and his skill is easily recognizable.

Rougui translates to cassia (cinnamon), and references the intense aromas of warm wood the tea exudes.  The leaves are highly oxidized and roasted, giving them a nutty and toasty aroma offset by a fruit leather sweetness.  The tea picks up on different notes with each steep as the water reaches deeper into the leaves.  The flavor is full and balanced with a lingering warmth that is comforting and soothing.   

Harvest: Spring, 2022
Origin: Fujian, China

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