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"Morning Mist" Sencha

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Grown in the foggy hills of Kirishima, this tea is made by two brothers who are producing some exceptional quality teas.  The moisture of the air and fertile soil from the nearby volcano create a perfect environment for growing complex teas.  This Sencha is plucked from a single farm that is completely self-sustaining and bio-dynamic.  This is one of the most full bodied and balanced senchas I've had the pleasure of cupping.  Part of that is because the tea plants are nearly 100 years old with gnarled trunks and roots reaching deep into the earth to pull up all the minerals the volcanic soil holds.  The aroma of the leaves is invigorating and fresh and steeps to an amazingly smooth tea.  The mouthfeel is silky with a deep umami character and a bright finish.  This is an asamushi tea so the leaves are not as broken as the Asatsuyu, creating a softer tea that is often more approachable for people new to Japanese greens.   

Process: Organic
Region: Kagoshima, Kyushu
Harvest: 2023

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