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Masala Chai

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In India, Russia, Turkey and a host of other places, chai means tea. In the US, we say “chai” when referring to masala chai, a traditional Indian spiced tea.

Blue Willow Chai comprises a complex blend of premium Estate teas and spices to recreate a classic Indian Masala Chai derived from a Himalayan recipe. The teas create a bold base that flourishes with the addition of spices. Cardamom, whole cloves, ginger root, cinnamon, whole star anise and allspice are freshly milled and blended in small, 60lb. batches at our plant. The exotic flavor combines a smooth taste of tea with invigorating spice. While the tea is Blue Willow Chai brings caffeine to the blend, the high proportion of spices dramatically lowers the caffeine content so the beverage has a soothing effect that is sure to warm the heart.  


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