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Wind Sheng Puerh

This cake is a part of our Elemental Tea Series, a four-tea set of Puerhs that is meant to examine differences in Puerhs while also connecting us to the natural world through tea.

Much like the changing of the seasons, this tea exemplifies the autumnal change of air.  Harvested in the fall in Mangjing Village, this tea is a collaboration with Theasophie.  Cooler season teas grow slower in the shorter days, giving them time to absorb more nutrients from the soil.  This tea offers aromatic notes of fallen leaves and burnt sugar.  Steeping to a soft yellow, the flavor is robust and brings an astringency that coats the mouth with a lingering hint of dried apricot. 

Sheng puerh has an invigorating and cooling effect on the body.  It brings our energy into our minds, sparking creativity and energizing us.  When drinking this tea, notice the sensations it leaves you with.  Can you feel the coolness of your breath in your throat as you breathe?  Much like a refreshing breeze, this tea offers a crisp, pleasant sensation.  It draws awareness to the point where the air that moves around us becomes the air within us. 

Cakes can be purchased solo, in a bamboo tong of 5, or as a set in our Elemental Tea Series.  *wrapper art by Ali*

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