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2001 Menghai Puerh '7572'

We are so happy to offer this tea to you.  Menghai Factory has been creating shou Puerh blends that are mimicked each year with fresh leaf.  This blend, called '7572' was made in 2000, and has been wrapped in bamboo and Kunming stored. The '7572' blend is made to be approachable and smooth.  It is light and has an aroma reminiscent of fresh baked biscuits.  The flavor is gentle and comforting with a soft, sweet finish.  The leaves are loosely pressed, making it easy to break apart by hand, and each serving will be good for 5-7 steeps.  We were able to secure a small amount of this tea, and once it's gone, its gone. 

Origin: Menghai, Yunnan
Harvest: 2001

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