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Wild Green Puerh Baby Cakes

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These Baby Cakes are the perfect option for tea drinkers on the go!  Easy to pack and portion, and cute as heck too.  Each tong is wrapped and tied in bamboo and contains seven individually wrapped 7g cakes.  Great for gifting, steeping and even flipping for making important life decisions. 

This raw Puerh was plucked from trees growing wild in Pu'er.  The tea is refreshing and approachable, even for those who are new to Sheng Puerh or are usually turned off by it.  Its aromatics exude notes if honey and magnolia blossoms and the tea steeps to a soft yellow liquor.  Balanced and clean, this tea is invigorating and smooth at the same time.  It is sweet and doesn't have the astringent finish often associated with Sheng Puerh.  Its effect on the body is energizing and cooling, perfect as a creativity booster or to combat the heat in the summer.  

Sheng Puerh does not go through the piling fermentation process that Shou Puerh goes through, so it does not have the earthy notes typically associated with Puerh.

Harvest: 2021
Origin: Pu'er, Yunnan

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