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Sticky Rice Puerh Tuocha

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This shou Puerh comes from the Ai Lao Mountains and is delicious by itself, but its real treat is the herbs mixed into the leaves.  The leaves of Nuo Mi Xiang (Semnostachya Menglaensis) literally translate to "Sticky Rice Aroma", and for a reason: they give off an aroma uncannily similar to sticky rice.  Combined with the Puerh leaves, the combination is deep but uplifting, sweet yet earthen, and steeps over and over again.  The liquor is a clean deep red which will keep you going for 8+ gongfu steeps.  

Each individually-wrapped tuocha weighs 5g., making it perfect for travel and easy steeping.

Origin: Simao, Yunnan
Harvest: 2021

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