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Ancient Mellow Puerh Baby Cakes

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These Baby Cakes are the perfect option for tea drinkers on the go!  Easy to pack and portion, and cute as heck too.  Each tong is wrapped and tied in bamboo and contains seven individually wrapped 7g cakes.  Great for gifting, steeping and even flipping for making important life decisions. 

This spring 2020 shou cha fits perfectly into our Puerh collection.  Plucked from 200-400 year old trees, its perfectly balanced flavors of slightly dry raw cacao, damp bark and light minerality sit deep in the throat and belly.  It has the ability to steep rich and deep while still maintaining a clear liquor.  The small leaf grade is accented with bright red young leaves and is pressed into 100 gram cakes that are able to be broken up without the need for a pick.  This tea creates a warmth and calmness that makes it idea in the evening or any time you need to get grounded.  We recommend this tea for everyone from Puerh novices looking for an smooth cup, to aficionados needing something flavorful but calming. 

We also offer this tea in 100g cakes.

Harvest: 2020
Origin: Yunnan, China 

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