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Arare Iron Pot

Iwachu, located in Morioka, is known for making skillfully crafted iron ware.  This tetsubin, or cast iron pot, is a perfect marriage of classic form and function and modern deign and simplicity.  The traditional arare pattern is achieved by painstakingly carving each bump into the mold before casting.  Unlike traditional tetsubin, this pot has an enamel coat inside, making it easy to clean and not susceptible to rust.  Because of this coating, it is ideal for steeping a multitude of teas without the potential of seasoning the metal.  This pot can hold 22oz. of tea but it is not recommended to heat it over an open flame, as it can crack the enamel coating.  Each pot has a large mesh strainer that can be left in or removed, depending on your preferred steeping style.  

*The wooden tray is not included, but can be purchased separately*

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