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Mangjing Immortal Puerh

We are honored to offer you this tea.  These 200g cakes are a community effort to interlace feral and old growth tea from around the village and mountains of Mangjing.  The leaves were plucked and fermented in 2015 and have since developed into an incredible tea which we had pressed in 2019.  The aroma is thick and earthen, yielding to a deep chocolate liquor with an incredible velvety mouthfeel.  Each sip leaves traces of cacao, berries and peat all the way down to your stomach, where it fosters an internal warmth and grounding energy. 

The village of Mangjing is situated in the ancient tea-producing Jingmai Mountain range and is home to the Bee Immortal Tree, central to the village's agricultural calendar.  The immense banyan tree is draped in dozens of beehives, which are closely watched throughout the year.  When the majority of bees return in the spring, it is the signal to begin plucking the tea trees. 

This tea is a decadent shou cha that can be steeped all day long and still present new flavors.  The roots of these trees tap into so many layers of minerals in the rich soil, that each steep unveils new depth and complexities.   

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