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Competition Grade Roasted Dong Ding

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We are so happy to have a small amount of this spectacular tea to share with you.  Hand-crafted by Yong Hao, who has been producing award-winning tea on Chi Lai Mountain for many years.  This Qing Xin cultivar is expertly roasted over charcoal and rolled several times to achieve its shape.  The aroma offers notes of baked yams and burnt sugar, with essences of warm cedar.  Steeped, the tea is soft but complex.  The toasty notes of the firing are at the forefront and give way to a sweetly satisfying cup with honeysuckle hints.  Over time, the roast flavor will settle and reveal more flavors, which we are so excited to witness.  This tea is grown with organic fertilizers and tested to assure cleanliness. 

Harvest: Spring, 2023
Origin: Nantou, Taiwan

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