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Gyokuro Fujinami

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This tea is one of the highest quality teas being grown in Japan.  Grown in shaded small gardens in Uji, by Koyamaen, a tea grower that has been in the Koyama family for over 300 years, this tea is truly special.  The tea is grown the same way as tencha and matcha; The shading of the plants before harvest causes the leaves stretch and grow very thin and delicate and produces higher levels of chlorophyll.  This process also increases the catechin antioxidants and decreases the tannins, making this tea less bitter and extremely high in health benefits.

The deep green needle-like leaves infuse into a bright green liquor with a hearty flavor.  Fresh and full of life, this tea has medium body and a lingering sweetness.  Don’t pass this extraordinary tea up, limited supplies are available only at certain times of the year!

Harvest: 2023
Origin: Uji, Japan

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