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Wu Wei

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Wu Wei is a complex blend of herbs and spices that creates a flavor best described as naturally sweet, tart and spicy with an orange twist. The name Wu Wei is from the Chinese, meaning “peaceable energy”. Spoken with a different inflection, it means “five flavors”. The overall effect of Wu Wei is relaxing and calming while treating your taste buds to an upbeat progression of flavors. The blend includes Stevia, a natural sweetener; lemon balm, which is said to calm nerves, aid digestion and promote sleep; clove, reputed to be a natural antiseptic and analgesic; relaxing lavender; and licorice root, legendary in Chinese herbal medicine and as an aid to promote digestion respiratory health. These herbs and spices are blended together skillfully with hibiscus and orange zest to create a unique mélange bursting with flavor. The liquor is a rich, amethyst infusion and makes a fantastic iced tea. 


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