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Red Dragon

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*The 2023 harvest is back to its full juiciness after the 2022 harvest, which had a bit more heat in its processing. Enjoy all those flavors!*

Made from a blend of two Taiwanese oolong cultivars, grown in Pu-er and processed as a black tea, this tea has a growing and dedicated cult following.

The family who tends to these plants operates a small organic farm and grow mostly Taiwanese cultivars.  Red Dragon comprises leaves hand plucked from Ruanzhi and Jinxuan cultivars, grown at nearly 2000 m elevation.  
This tea offers up a complex cup that is both wholesome and seductive.  Enticing aromas of juicy lychee and smokey cedar give way to a full-bodied cup with the perfect balance of sweet and tart plum and toasty barley.  

Process: Organic
Harvest: 2023
Origin: Pu'er, Yunnan

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