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Grown and processed at 6000' elevation in Simao, Yunnan, this tea has a depth and uniqueness that does not disappoint.  This is a large leaf native Yunnan varietal that goes through a longer wither to bring out a sweeter aroma. Each tip is covered with fine, golden downy hairs.  The leaf exudes aromas of candied pecan pie and burnt caramel.  When steeped, the leaf loosens and reveals a hidden baby bud tucked inside.  The flavor is clean and slightly smoky with notes of berries, cedar and cacao that softens to a finish that balances between wood and citrus.    

Origin: Yunnan, China
Harvest: 2022

Packaging info:

  • All bulk orders will be packed in the heat-sealed resealable packages.
  • Bulk teas will be packed in the largest size bag (1lb., 2lb., or 5lb. bags) depending on your purchase quantity.  
  • Only 5lbs. of this tea can be ordered at a time due to its limited supply.
  • Call or email if you have specific packaging needs. 

Retail Canisters:

  • Retail canisters are all packed in 100% compostable packaging.  
  • Tea is sealed inside a bio-based cello bag to preserve freshness.
  • Each canister is date stamped to easily comply with FIFO measures.
  • SRP is double the wholesale cost.   

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