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Light Sheng Puerh Wholesale

This cake is a part of our Elemental Tea Series, a four-tea set of Puerhs that is meant to examine differences in Puerhs while also connecting us to the natural world through tea.

Plucked in spring 2020, this sheng is a combination of leaves and puerh buds.  The tea is both light in flavor and in spirit.  Its aroma conjures a likeness of a dewy meadow, with damp earth and fresh grass.  There is a slight astringency that cools the mouth and internal systems and draws the energy up into the mind.  

Plant buds hold the prospect of new growth and within them the ability to create.  Energetically, sheng brings energy into the mind, sparking creativity and helping inspire ideas.  Much like shining a light in a dark corner, sheng puerh can illuminate dormant ideas and help us realize aspirations.  When drinking this tea, allow your mind to wander and see what new ideas start to come into focus. 

*Wrapper art by Ali*

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