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May 19 Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Sunday, May 19th, 2024, 12-1pm

We are happy to re-open Japanese Tea Ceremonies to our guests. Participants will join us in our tea room to experience Chanoyu, the 500+ year old tradition or preparing ceremonial matcha. 

Each of our hosts have years of experience practicing and studying Omotesenke, one of the three main schools of the art. They will lead the guests onto the tatami mats and walk them through the progression of the ceremony. Although the practice is usually a meditative process, guests can choose the level of conversation they want. 

Please come prepared to sit on tatami mats for 1 hour. Wear loose-fitting pants or skirts and clean socks. Light snacks will be served before the tea. We can seat 2 guests comfortably in the tea room, and up to 3 guests seated in chairs at the edge of the room. 

Please show up 5-10 minutes early. The cost is $30 per person.

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