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Sri Lankans, for over 150 years, have grown this first flush Ceylon tea on the magical misty hillsides of Dimbula province. The long, dark, wiry leaves create a rich, fruity and satisfying cup strong enough to take milk and also excellent when steeped more briefly and sipped alone. The tea growers pluck only the delicate tips of the tea plants, circulating along the rows of tea bushes frequently to catch the golden tips at their peak. These leaves offer the best of Dimbula, carrying the fragrance of fog-shrouded mornings and the warmth of the sunny afternoons into your cup. Ceylon Golden is unblended and opens a clear window into the characteristics of the growing region. We recommend Blue Willow Ceylon for both mornings and afternoons, to be enjoyed by itself or with a variety of foods. We also find it particularly refreshing served iced during the hot summer months.

Packaging info:

  • All bulk orders will be packed in the heat-sealed resealable packages.
  • Bulk teas will be packed in the largest size bag (1lb., 2lb., or 5lb. bags) depending on your purchase quantity.  
  • Orders 10+ lbs. of a single tea will be packed in 5lb. bags
  • Orders 30+ lbs. will be packed in a chest. 
  • Call or email if you have specific packaging needs. 

Retail Canisters:

  • Retail canisters are all packed in 100% compostable packaging.  
  • Tea is sealed inside a bio-based cello bag to preserve freshness.
  • Each canister is date stamped to easily comply with FIFO measures.
  • SRP is double the wholesale cost.   

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