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Black Honey Tea Essence

For those of us who are avid tea drinkers, we know tea is more than just a taste.  It is an experience that permeates all of our senses, and the aroma is key. 

Black Honey is one of our most popular teas, and the Tea Essence captures its best elements.  The aroma is warm and toasty and gets sweeter as it sits.  It offers notes of maple sugar, honey and fresh baked pastries.  It isn't heavy or overbearing, it just offers a subtle yet intense infusion of absolutely alluring aromatherapy.   

For years I have longed to capture that intense smell that clings to the empty vessels and seems to grow sweeter and sweeter as it site.  It's one of my favorite parts of drinking tea, and I have always wanted to live in a world that smells like an empty teacup, still warm from the brew.  

Well, we've started capturing that sweet, alluring aroma from several of our highest grade teas and condensing the steam into liquid form.  With these hydrosol spritzers you can literally surround yourself in tea essence.  

The process is 100% natural and the only ingredient is pure tea hydrosol, no additives.  You can spray it on your skin to refresh and hydrate during your cleansing routine, spray it around the house, in the car, or just on yourself whenever you need a pick-me-up.  

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