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Benifuki Japanese Oolong

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Here is an intriguing offer for the adventurous oolong lover.  This oolong is made in Kagoshima, Japan from the second flush benifuki cultivar.  Known for its astringency and bold flavor, benifuki softens a bit in the summer, and makes an interesting starting point for producing an oolong.  Best flash-steeped in a gaiwan, this oolong has similar characteristics as a baozhong, but with more umph.  Sweet and floral at the start, with a lingering dryness that keeps you wanting more.  

We first introduced this tea the second year Yasuhisa Ueno produced it. It was a hit, and we sold out almost immediately. In the years since, the flavor has not matched so we did not carry it. However, upon visiting Japan this spring, we were delighted to find that he had been ageing the same lot we originally purchased 7 years ago. The ageing has done amazing things for the tea, making its flavor fuller, rounder and even smoother than before. We are so happy to have a limited quantity available to share. 

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Harvest: 2016

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