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Tea Together: socially distant tea sharing

by Ali Roth October 26, 2020

In this new age of social distancing it can be easy to lose touch. 

Tea has always been a unifier.  It brings us together despite our differences, preferences and across all barriers.  It brings warmth, comfort and sparks creativity, all things we desperately need.  Now is not the time to let distance define our lives.  We can still be together, even while we're apart.  

Blue Willow would love to act as a conduit for uniting with tea.  We miss our in-person tea sessions immensely, and we miss the connections that steeping together forges.  So we're thinking creatively.  

It is now easier than ever to send tea to multiple friends around the country so you can share it from afar.  We've curated multiple tea sets that are discounted when purchased in pairs, so you can send one to yourself and one to a friend.  We'll ship them out on the same day so you can each have synchronized mail days and explore the teas over zoom together.  

It's easy to arrange, here's how:

  • Add the teas you want to share to your cart and select "this is a gift"
  • From your cart you can select "ship to multiple addresses"
  • You can enter as many addresses as you want, and adjust the amounts of each tea from your cart, and which teas will go to which person.  
  • Customize each gift note and we'll add them with each shipment
It can get cold and lonely these days, but we're hoping that every small act of reaching out will spark a little bit of warmth.

Ali Roth
Ali Roth


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