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Wuliang Beauty Baby Cakes

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These Baby Cakes are the perfect option for tea drinkers on the go!  Easy to pack and portion, and cute as heck too.  Each tong is wrapped and tied in bamboo and contains five individually wrapped 7g cakes (I recommend breaking each cake in half for each pot).  Great for gifting, steeping and even flipping for making important life decisions. 

Plucked from Taiwanese Ruanzhi oolong cultivars, high-grown in the Ai Lao region of Yunnan, this spectacular tea does not disappoint.  The farmer may be Chinese, but has remained true to the Taiwanese methods of crafting this unique Bai Hao tea. 

The dry leaf gives off an intensely fruity aroma that steeps to a perfect medley of honey, stone fruit and lychee, all with a warm undertone of roasted wood.  The leafhopper bites, extended basket withering and expert craftmanship make this a truly remarkable offering.

We also offer this tea loose leaf.

Process: Organic
Harvest: 2021
Origin: Pu'er, Yunnan

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