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White Yuzamashi

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Yuzamashis are great tools for making tea.  They are typically used to pour hot water into to cool it down until it is a suitable temperature for brewing sencha, gyokuro, and other teas that require lower temperatures.  They are very handy if you don't have a kettle with an thermometer, as the water is typically ready to use when you can rest your hands on the outside without the heat being uncomfortable.  They are also convenient to pour the tea into if the capacity of your cups is less than the vessel you are steeping in.  If you regularly use a kyusu to make your teas, this will be a welcome addition to your teaware family.  

This yuzamashi is rather large and holds roughly 12oz, making it a good addition for those who like to steep in larger pots.  

*The wooden tray is not included, but can be purchased separately*

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