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Tiny Orange Puerh

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It's not uncommon to see puerh stuffed into citrus to age.  In fact, it's a practice that's been around for a long time.  However, it can be hard to find a good quality ripe puerh, and even harder to find one that retains the citrus scent even after aging.  

We were very happy to find these tiny oranges.  Not only are they the perfect 10g size to fit in a teapot, they're stuffed with an exceptional puerh.  In 2017 the tea was plucked on Ai Lao Mountain by the same farmer who makes our Wild Forest Tips.   The leaves are all a uniform size and very tippy.  After fermenting, the tea was allowed to age for 2 years, allowing it to rest, develop its flavor and settle after cooking.  In early spring, 2019 the tiny oranges were picked in Xinhui, Guangdong, an incredibly fertile area that sits where the river meets the sea.  After being stuffed the puerh is allowed to sit in the sun for 3 days, further bringing out the citrus oil before being baked and wrapped

The result of the process is a wonderful union of rich, bold and earthy puerh, highlighted by bright citrus flavor.  The liquor is very clean, and doesn't steep murky.  While the citrus has maintained it's flavor throughout the aging process, it doesn't overpower the tea, thus allowing both flavor profiles to intermingle seamlessly.  

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