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Saemidori Sencha

For all of you Japanese green tea lovers I am so happy to finally offer this tea!  This is a tea I was first introduced to a few years ago while visiting Kagoshima in October.  Not only are the brothers who make this tea crafting extraordinary teas, they are also avid motorcycle enthusiasts, so we have a lot in common.  

This is an award winning tea that is unusual in that it is harvested as a shincha in the spring, but not finished until the fall.  The leaves are harvested from first flush Saemidori cultivars and roughly processed in April.  They are then stored under refrigeration until October, where they are brought back out and undergo another round of heating and sorting.  This resting period allows the tea to soften some of the tannins and also develop a deeper flavor.  

The aroma of the dry leaf is intoxicating and refreshing.  Steeped, the tea slides into your mouth coating it with a rich, brothy soup that intensifies as it reaches your throat. The flavor notes fill the spectrum between earthy and astringent without touching either.  A thick umami lays the base with tones of kombu and a soft hint of sea mist.  The flavor lingers and cools the palate and throat with each breath.  

This tea can be steeped 4-5 times.  The second and third steeps should only be 10 seconds, and after that can go up to 30 seconds.  After steeping 5 times you can pour dashi or soy sauce on the leaves and eat them

Harvest: 2020
Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

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