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Pre-Qing Ming Longjing *Limited*

We were able to acquire an extremely limited amount of this pre-Qing Ming Longjing.  The pre-Qing Ming plucking period falls right before the spring rains come, when the flavor is concentrated in the leaf after months of winter dormancy.  Organically grown in Shi Feng, this is the highest grade Dragonwell of the year.  The leaves are expertly plucked and pan fired to perfection.  Each tip is tenderly cared for with very little breakage at all.  The tea steeps mellow but thick, with a silky viscosity that coats your mouth and throat and allows the flavor to linger long after each sip.  Steamed, the leaves give off notes of warm hazelnuts and oat straw.  The tea soup is refined and has a perfect balance of sweet, buttery, toasty and vegetal. 

Only 4 canisters are available online, and the remaining 4 are available in our shop for locals. 

Harvest: 2021
Region: Zhejiang, China

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