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Platinum Needles

This succulent white tea is a true delicacy.  Each needle-like tip is expertly plucked and processed.  The aroma exudes notes of juicy honeydew and steeps to a cup that is at once soft and full bodied.  The mouthfeel is creamy and thick and offers sweet notes of melon seeds and dried fruit with a citrus encore reminiscent of kumquat or tender, young fir needles.  

This tea comes from the Nilgiri mountains in southern India.  Because this style of tea is minimally processed, the health and quality of the tea bushes is paramount to creating a good tea.  After plucking, the tea tips are allowed to wither and dry on bamboo trays where they are moved from sun to shade regularly to ensure the precise amount and timing of water evaporation.  

Unlike most other tea producing areas in India, Nilgiri is home to many small scale tea gardens who usually sell their leaf to processors.  This tea comes from a farm and factory that is 100% owned and operated by women who are pushing the boundaries on every level.  They are crafting phenomenal teas that were not previously made in India at such high qualities and proving what women can achieve in a field vastly dominated by men.  The impact is immense and has cascaded into the surrounding villages, showing that women can succeed and thrive independently of their male counterparts.

Origin: Nilgiri, India
Harvest: 2021

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