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Hand Painted Gaiwan and cups

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We only have a few pieces of this gorgeous hand-painted Jingdezhen stoneware.  Each time I use this teaware it elevates my tea experience to a higher level of beauty and mindfulness.  Having such thoughtfully crafted pieces forces me to focus a bit more and in paying more attention brings a deeper more conscious intention to my tea ritual.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and meticulously painted with beautiful waves.  The firing brings out some of the minerals in the clay, creating a small freckles in the glaze.  The gaiwan holds 150ml and feels so natural being handled and poured.  Each cup holds 50ml, so the tea sets will include a glass pitcher to pour into.  The gaiwan is showcased beautifully on the matching plate which centers the eye and offers a practical and visually pleasing way to prepare and present the tea.  

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