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Glass Teapot and Cups

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*We are currently sold out of the pots.  We still have glass cups available*

For those who value full transparency, this is the pot for you.  Made from borosilicate glass that can withstand hot and cold water, this 125ml pitcher is great for almost any style of tea.  It comes with a spring strainer inserted into the spout to strain out leaf particles but please be aware that if you steep small leaf teas like Japanese fukamushi, you will need to pour it through a finer sieve.   

One of the best things about making tea is being able to witness the leaves reveal themselves as they steep.  This pot allows you to see the transformation of the leaves and gauge the perfect time to pour as the liquor deepens.  

Each cup holds 40ml, so the set will come with a free pitcher to hold the entirety of the steep so you can take your time rationing it into cups.  

Please note that because of the position of the spout, you cannot fill the pot all the way to the rim.  The maximum capacity is 125ml.  

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