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Faceted Kuro Kyusu

This simplistic, yet detailed kyusu is a great companion for any Japanese tea lover.  It's jet black finish is accented with facet cuts around the outer sides and the curved handle fits perfectly in the palm.  Inside, the mesh strainer wraps all the way around to prevent even the smallest tea particles from slipping into your cup.  Traditionally, these pots are used in conjunction with a yuzamashi to cool the water before steeping the tea, but it works great on it's own as well, especially if you have a temperature-controlled kettle.  

This particular kyusu holds about 250ml, or 8oz. It has a modern, yet classic style and will fit in perfectly with an array of different teaware. 

*TIP: Never put these pots in the dishwasher and clean well after each use to prevent the mesh from clogging.*

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