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Elemental Puerh Series Pack

This offering has been a labor of love.  I have spent the last year searching for different styles of Puerh to display the variety in flavor and experience, while also helping us forge deeper connections to nature through tea.  The result is the Elemental Tea Series. 

I've selected two Sheng Puerhs and two Shou Puerhs and had them pressed into 100g cakes.  Each one brings something special to the table and is aligned with a different natural element.  

Roots is a 1995 Shou Puerh from Menghai Factory
Minerals is a 2016 Shou Puerh from Simao
Light is a spring 2020 Sheng Puerh with buds from the Ai Lao Mountains
Wind is a 2020 autumn Sheng Puerh from Mangjing Village

You can read all about this journey and learn more about things to consider while preparing these teas here.  

Each set is wrapped together with information and steeping recommendations included for all the teas.  The first 10 sets sold will include a tea pick.  All of the artwork was illustrated by Ali in an attempt to further put her heart on the line.  We hope you will enjoy this tea journey.

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