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Asatsuyu Organic

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Our top grade sencha from Kirishima.  This tea is from the Asatsuyu cultivar of tea and has earned the nickname of "Natural Gyokuro" for good reasons.  Although it is not shade-grown, it has a vivid green liquor and deep umami characteristic that is typically associated  with gyokuros.  The farm it is grown on is completely self-contained, bio-dynamic and the oldest tea farm in the region.  The aroma of the dry leaves is compelling and rich and only grows as it is steamed.  The resulting tea is out of this world and a gift to any sencha-lover.  

Harvest: Spring 2020

Note: Due to closures of international shipping avenues during the COVID-19 crisis, we had to use alternative shipping methods this year.  Unfortunately this has resulted in a substantial cost increase for us and we have had to increase our prices accordingly.  


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