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Hira Kyusu

From the Gyokko kiln, this Tokoname kyusu is perfect for higher grade shinchas and cooler temperature gyokuros.  The flat bottom and width allows water to cool faster, accentuating the sweeter umami notes within the teas.  This pot is completely hand crafted and has a handmade clay mesh to filter out leaves.  During firing, the clay develops colors that fade from speckled grey to soft sandy tones. The pot holds 210ml of tea and is a perfect size for serving 2-3 people in small cups.  Tokoname-yaki is renowned as one of the six ancient kilns of Japan and is known to develop a sheen as it becomes seasoned with regular use.  It is an absolute pleasure to be able to offer this single pot.

Please be mindful of caring for this tea pot.  Rinse it well after use and never put it in the dishwasher.  

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