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Taiping Houkui "Monkey Chief"

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Grown at the base of the Huangshan Mountains, this is an authentic Taiping, picked and processed completely by hand in Houkeng.  The long leaves of the Shi Da Cha plants are unique in that they can grow to be quite large while still remaining soft and pliable.  Once the leaves are plucked and withered they are pressed flat between two layers of canvas and baked into their final form.  When steeped, the result is a smooth and clear soup with very little bitterness and notes of fresh cut grass, asparagus and a lingering hint of sweetness.  This tea is very forgiving and can be steeped a variety of styles, without the worry of bringing out unfavorable characteristics.  My personal favorite way to drink this tea is "grandpa style", leaving the leaves in a tall glass in hot water and drinking it slowly.  This way, the tea is soft and delicate at the beginning and gradually develops more body and vegetal undertones.  Re-steeping is encouraged.  

Harvest: 2020
Region: Huangshan, China

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