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2015 Bulang Shou Puerh

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This loose puerh from Mangjing village is made up of leaf from several family's efforts to combine all of the old growth and feral tea growing in the mountains.  The fog-covered hills are home to an incredible range of biodiversity, in which tea plants thrive in the mineral-rich soil that feeds the local ecosystem.  
This tea was plucked and pile-fermented in 2015, and has been evolving in the years it has been aging.  The liquor is a rich umber with a strong peat-like aroma.  Each sip allows you to explore the depth and variety of flavors present in the leaf, from chocolate, to earth, wood, and notes of spice.  The leaves can be re-steeped all day long and their warmth and smoothness have the effect of cultivating an inner, grounded energy.

Origin: Yunnan, China
Harvest: 2015

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