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Fukamushi Kyusu

For those who make a lot of Japanese green tea, this is the pot for you.  It has been designed specifically for brewing fukamushi, or deep steamed tea.  The process for making fukamushi breaks down the leaves into much smaller pieces, bringing out a vivid green color and intense flavor.  However, in typical teapots the particles will easily sneak through the spout and even in other kyusus the tea can clump towards the spout, decreasing the rapidness of the pour and increasing the steep time.  For this reason, the spout is located at the inner bottom of the pot, below the mesh.  This way, as the tea pools at the front of the pot while pouring, the water can still escape below. 

This particular kyusu is a beautiful off-white and holds about 250ml, or 8oz. It has a modern, yet classic style and will fit in perfectly with an array of different teaware. 

*TIP: Never put these pots in the dishwasher and clean well after each use to prevent the mesh from clogging.*

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