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Roots Shou Puerh

This cake is a part of our Elemental Tea Series, a four-tea set of Puerhs that is meant to examine differences in Puerhs while also connecting us to the natural world through tea.

Picked and processed in the 1990s, this shou puerh was processed in Menghai and dry stored in Kunming ever since.  The leaves are plucked from feral tea trees and have not been compressed.  Dry storage has allowed the tea to develop its fermentation slowly, preserving much of the energetic and flavor characteristics within the tea.  The aroma is earthy and warm and it steeps to an impressively smooth soup.  The flavors are rich but are able to stand out without becoming muddled or dirty.  Soft undertones of driftwood lay the base while a clean earthen flavor takes center stage.  The tea finishes with warm hints baked clay and moss and leave behind a refreshed palate and an open airway and chest.  

Tea is a product of the earth and has the innate ability to alter our physical state.  Shou puerh, especially old growth and aged puerh, creates a warmth in the body, drawing our energy into our core tethering us to the ground.  As you sip this tea, notice the pull towards the earth as the tea builds heat within.  Taste the depth and richness of nutrients that these old roots have cultivated and absorbed into its leaves.  Feel the energy that this tea exudes as it is awakened from its decades-long aging.  You can almost feel it thanking you for bringing it back to life.   

We are reserving the remaining cakes of this tea for the Elemental Tea Series.  *wrapper art by Ali*

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