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Orange Blossom Aroma Oolong

This Dan Cong oolong is a beautiful example of how complex these Phoenix Mountain teas can be.  The leaves steep to a soft peachy-yellow color and give off notes that are toasty, floral and sweet with a subtle zesty note.  The tea is clean and perfectly balanced between warmer, fresh baked notes, citrus blossoms and a slightly dry finish.  

Dan Cong oolongs are plucked form Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong, China.  The term  "Dan Cong" translates to Single Bush, which historically meant that the tea was all plucked from the same tea tree.  More commonly it is used to describe teas from Phoenix Mountain which have been plucked from the same cultivar and are allowed to grow into large trees.  They are famous for adopting various aromas and this tea is no different.  

Process: organic
Harvest: Spring, 2021
Origin: Guangdong, China

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