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Japanese Oolong Pairing

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We brought in two Japanese Oolongs on our trip to Japan this year, and want to give you the opportunity to try them both!

The first is from Kagoshima. This is an aged Benifuki Oolong made by Yasuhisa Ueno. We first introduced this 7 years ago and haven't carried it since. After visiting him in May, we found that the oolong flavor has improved after aging. This is a lightly-oxidized, rolled oolong with a perfect balance of floral and vegetal notes. 

The second is from Wazuka. This is an Ujimidori roasted oolong we are calling Wazuka Oolong. It is highly oxidized and roasted in Teruko Azuma's hojicha roaster. The result is a robust tea that has a chocolatey, plummy, magnolia rollercoaster of flavors. We were to impressed by this tea we had to share it with you. 


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